Mucuna Pruriens Guide: Dosage, Benefits, and Uses for Bodybuilding | Legion

Mucuna pruriens is an herb that’s sometimes included in bodybuilding and health supplements.  That’s because Mucuna pruriens extract is touted to increase testosterone and libido and reduce symptoms of depression. What are the real benefits of Mucuna pruriens, though, and what’s the best Mucuna pruriens supplement to take? In this article, you’ll learn what Mucuna … Read more

Enjoy Our Gooey Caramel Candy Bites Dip: A Craveable Recipe That Takes Little to No Time « Quest Blog

Some days time is the one thing there just isn’t enough of. So today we’re giving you some time back by offering this super simple, super delicious recipe for Candy Bites Dip — you can use your favorite flavor, but we went with Gooey Caramel for this one. But seriously, take five minutes and make … Read more