How to Grill Burgers: 5 Expert Cooking Tips | Beachbody Blog

When it’s too hot to turn on your stove or oven, grilling is the perfect cooking alternative. An all-time grilling classic is the humble burger, so if you’re looking for the best way to grill burgers, we’re here to walk you through all the steps. From choosing the best meat, seasoning, and grilling, right down … Read more

Why Exercising in the “Fat Burning Zone” Isn’t the Best Way to Lose Fat | Legion

How many times have you heard that if you want to lose fat, you should do cardio in the “fat-burning heart rate zone” to maximize your results? This idea has been afloat since, well, basically forever, but it really took hold after the jogging boom of the 1970s. And although other workout trends have gained … Read more